January 01, 2009

Out now: Huminoida 7"

Mysterious electro duo Huminoida is back with their new 7" single called A/B (Other Side / The Other). Electronic experimental pop in the spirit of wonderful synth pioneers like Fad Gadget, Human League, Soft Cell, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Suicide, White Noise... with the addition of strange twists influenced by Coil, Foetus, Shriekback ..etc..
A/B single is realesed in original 70's/80's style only on 7" clear vinyl and the limited edition of 300 copies is manually numbered and signed by artists themselves. No CD or digital download this time.
Please order your copy directly from Plastic Passion's webstore (5 eur - Europe, 8 eur - RoW; prices include p&p). A/B + Huminoida's debut 7" Self-titled 9 eur - Europe, 15 eur - R0W.
Both tracks and Self-titled can be listened to at Huminoida's MySpace.